Mt. Shasta, California...

Welcome to our Website. This site is about Mount Shasta, California and the surrounding area. Mount Shasta is a volcano located in Northern California, which had its last significant eruption approximately 200 years ago. Mount Shasta is located off of Highway 5, approximately 15 miles from the city of Mount Shasta, 16 miles from the city of Weed and 18 miles from the city of McCloud, California. There is also the community of Lake Shastina approximately 10.5 miles to the northwest from the summit of Mount Shasta. Lake Shastina is another popular tourist attraction and is just a few miles from the base of Mount Shasta. It has two golf courses and provides water sports almost year round.

The local areas are full of things to do. The local area has four distinct seasons and offers a wonderful climate for outdoor activities.

The spring and summer are great for people who love to walk, hike, bicycle, play golf or any of the many other wonderful great outdoor activities.

In the winter Mount Shasta generally offers lot's of snow for people who enjoy winter sports and fun.

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